This happy kid is me. But it isn't all about the cake.


What really made my childhood memorable  was the freedom to be as creative as I could. From the spontaneous choreography I dreamed up while dancing to The Typewriter Song or Flight of the Bumblebee blaring from my Dad's stereo to the desire to play piano at age six like Fats Waller, I eventually turned my attention to the visual arts and never looked back. I love making art. It is my sustenance. As a professional artist I have received recognition through numerous grants and have exhibited and sold my art steadily since 1976. Current inventory can be found at Elyse Harrison Art and AVIARY by Elyse Harrison.

A group class for eight adults back in the 1980's was the start of my teaching career, eventually shifting to classes for children. The quality of the program has never diminished, an attribute of keeping the classes small and the project ideas interesting. It is rewarding to recall the many years I have spent engaging with children and their artistic impulse. What great potential we have when we are young.

Elyse Harrison    January 2015